Prophylaxis is a timesaving and cost-efficient opportunity to prevent tooth diseases and thereby reducing the risk of other medical conditions. The treatment aims at cleen teeth and a healthy firm gingiva.

Our services include an evaluation of mouth hygiene, periodontal diagnostics and aftercare, sealing of scissures, counsel for dental care and nutrition counselling, halitiosis sessions, protheses cleaning and individual prevention routines for children (including the parents), adolescents, pregnant women, seniors and patients with implants.

Moreover we offer you a professional tooth cleaning (PTC), which is different from the usual removal of calculus. This treatment includes disinfection of the oral cavity, instructions on mouth hygiene, plaque removal above and below the gingiva (supragingival and subgingival), disinfection of pockets, removal of discolorations, thorough cleaning of tooth gaps and inaccessible tooth areas. polishing of the tooth surface; if requested tongue cleaning and fuoridation with special lacquer. PTC is provided by our highly motivated and specially trained staff.

Leistungen prophylaxe