Endodontics is a very complex area of dental medicine. Its focus are diseases of the dental pulp (dental nerve) and the dental tissue surrounding the root tip. If the pulp is altered due to tooth decay or other abnormal changes, it can be successfully cured by root canal treatment (RCT) where the infected root canal and the inflmed root tip are treated and thus the diseased tooth can be preserved. As a result a potential denture can be avoided.

This pain-free treatment is performed in our practice according to international standards and with use of optic magnifiction and illumination. During the treatment the root canal is cleaned and disinfected with the help of very flexible nickel-titanium files and interacting disinfecting agents. The length of the root is determined electronically.The concluding thermoplastic filling seals the tooth against bacteria of the oral cavity.

Thanks to our modern techniques we also are able to replace an old and defective root filling.

The advantage of an endodontic treatment is the preservation of your own tooth.

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